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This Website will remain up as a Memorial to our son, brother, companion, friend, and cohabiter of this wonderful planet.
It is with regret that I must explain that Russell left his body behind the night of March 14th, 2008.
I will miss his physical presence, but am aware of his spiritual presence in my life 'ad infinitum'.
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tbass, Russell Shaw's Webmaster and Friend

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I write, therefore I am. Iíd be honored if you check out some links to copy I have posted on various Web sites.


Read myBroadband/Convergence/IP Telephony/VoIP blog on CNET's ZDNet, the leading technology site on the Web! Scroll down this link to read what USA Today has to say about my blog. If you want to see a video in which my Blog is promoted, click here.


I write about the intersection of politics, judicial matters and technical standards for TMCNet.I created this blog, which is called RSS-Regulations, Statutes and Standards. Get to my RSS blog here. And by the way if you want to read the announcement from TMC that I will be blogging for them, well, I'd certainly have no problem with that.


I am the BlackBerry blogger for ZDNet- the only one of their bloggers to write two blogs. Before that, I was the BlackBerry blogger for AOL-owned Weblogs,Inc., a collection of several dozen blog sites and publisher of Engadget. Read my archived BBHub BlackBerry blog here.


I am developing an Internet video show for the well-known PodTech Network where Robert Scoble calls home. The show will be offered two or three times a week and encompass the intersection between technology and politics. I'll provide the link when it is up.


I am helping to lead a new discussion on Mobile Messaging for Corante. My goal: to be a thought leader in this space. My posts are here.


I write a Blog for It is called Tech@Work. Read it by clicking here.


I'm one of the more popular bloggers on the Huffington Post! Read all 200+ of my posts here.


Click for a Larger Book Cover Art Photo

Click for a Larger Book Cover Art Photo


My newest book is Caution! Music & Video Downloading. This book, from John Wiley & Sons, encompasses how to download and use music and other multimedia files -- without compromising your computer's security or your own, for that matter. You can read about me here. Want a sneak peek? Here is Chapter 1, the Table of Contents, and the Index. That's just a taste. Buy it now on, and Barnes &


Here is my new wireless networking book! It is on sale on, Barnes &, and my hometown Powell's Books. The publisher is AMACOM Books, the publishing arm of the American Management Association. The book offers advice and instruction for consumers and small-to-mid size businesses. I am proud to say it has received rave reviews from the likes of Online magazine, and Small Business Opportunities magazine.


I am proud to say that many of my nature photos and how-to photography lessons were adapted by Mark Soper for Easy Digital Cameras. Que Publishing is the house. You can buy it now on and


Working under the supervision of a highly respected staff analyst, I've just written an extensive research report on Ultra Wide-Band technology. My client is In-Stat/MDR, part of Reed Elsevier, a worldwide information publisher as well as one of the leading technology research firms in the world. The report is now available for sale.


I am an analyst with The Edison Group, a leading technology analysis and consulting firm with many top high-tech industry clients.


As we think of the victims of 9-11, we feel the urge to be more secure in our homes, lives, and travels. Read my major piece for the Gannett News Service on how technology can help us in this important quest.

Prance Of Whales Leaving Friday Harbor Swift Reservoir Salt Point State Park, CA
                                   I'm now into video.
 Check out my new multimedia gallery by clicking here!
Have camera, will travel.
Check out my photo gallery here!


I'm Russell Shaw, an Internet and telecommunications author, journalist and consultant from the verdant, "it doesn't rain as much here as you think" city of Portland, Oregon. Contact me at: If I am traveling, try me at or


CLICK here for Russell Shaw's Brainstorm Central


Check out my archived Blog entries on Metroblogging Portland, the global, collection of Blogs from more than 50 cities.


I'm Blogging regularly for, the online presence for the once-hot and now newly reborn Industry Standard magazine. One of my latest posts offers my recommendation about what Google should do next.


I'm one of two writers on blog marketing for RSSApplied.Look for some of my posts here.


A number of my articles can be accessed on USA Today! Are marathon online sessions on health-information Web sites hurting your health rather than helping it? Read my article on cyberchondria. Do you know someone who is planning to apply to college? Are they Web-savvy, or do they need a reason to be knowledgeable about such things? Here's my piece about how being Web savvy can improve college admission chances. If you log on to the Web from your workplace, you might want to read this first. Check out my article on Web search engines here! What is a virtual character? Find out in this article. What role did the Web play in the first-off year election cycle where it began to be widely used for more than brochureware? Read my piece here! And here's how to keep your PC running during the mercurial weather and brownout risks of summer and fall.


I am proudly represented in literary matters by Waterside Productions, Inc., the world's premiere literary agency for computer and technology authors. My agent is Carole McClendon, vice-president of Waterside.


I've just produced a series called The Future Of Wireless for Web site publisher Corante. The series, sponsored by Earthlink, examines the ways in which people and companies use cell phones and other wireless communications options to connect and communicate with each other. I invite you to read about how a leading social networking service is using cell phones to hook members up with each other (sometimes, literally). Here's my piece interviewing two experts on how cell phone users will play games on a new generation of handsets. I spoke to three digital luminaries for Music Goes Mobile, my piece on music over cell phones. Also, please check out my article on how a Minnesota city is serving its citizenry with municipally owned and operated Wi-Fi.


Read my articles Branding the Donkey, which is about how Bloggers with Democrat leanings made some money on the side in the last election and Branding the Elephant, which takes a look at the same subject from the right half of the aisle.


My credits include: 


  • One of my newer books is "Starting With MP3," a consumer-themed book on MP3 technology and other multimedia. It is available for purchase on most major book Web sites. Here's the table of contents. I'll take you to the specific book order pages: all you need to do is click. OK, here goes:, Barnes &, and If you live in England, blokettes and blokes, you can order it from Amazon's U.K. site.




  • I've blogged about the HBO show "Six Feet Under" for the popular television blog, TV Squad. Read my posts here.



  • Every once in awhile, I have the privilege of becoming involved in a project that not only piques my intellectual or technical interest, but enables a better world. On that note, I was proud to have written an online course on "Working In A Diverse Environment." The course was part of a learning module being prepared by major online learning company DigitalThink, for one of their top management consultancy clients in the world. That consultancy, in turn, offered the course to its client base. Their clients are a broad cross-section of major American and international corporations. One of my other courses, Communications Industry Overview, is still being offered. The course is intended for business development managers, sales managers, analysts or other employees who need an overview of the communications industry..


  • I've written consumer technology product reviews for Internet Broadcasting Systems, the leading aggregation of television news Web sites. Are you looking to buy a new digital camera? My article is posted on the Web sites of television outlets such as WRC-TV, Washington, D.C. and if you plan to join the millions of folks with a digital video camera, read the basics on the Web sites of such television stations as WYFF-TV, Greenville, S.C. and WMAQ-TV, Chicago. Check out my article on mobile computing on the sites of such stations as KTVU-TV, San Francisco, WCVB-TV, Boston, and, Atlanta. My review of some cool mobile multimedia entertainment products is posted on many sites, including that of KIRO-TV, Seattle. Don't have a housekeeper or live-in teenager? Read my article about the Roomba robotic vacuum. It's posted on numerous Web sites, including those of WJAC-TV, Johnstown, Pa. and KSBW-TV, Monterey, Cal. Got a gift you want to return? Read my article on the site of WFTV, Orlando, Fla.









  • From time to time, I participate in Podcasts. These are live events which are then posted on the Web after they occur. You can use your streaming audio player to listen to them. Here's a live link to one of five Beercasts I participated in from the Goose Hollow Inn in Portland. To retrieve and then listen to any of the five, access the Portland pull-down menu on this page, and choose any of the Table 4 links.


  • Greetings, mate! I am now writing for the British publication Windows XP Answers. Read my article on how to use Netscape 7.1. As you will see if you read the article, I am also authoring video tutorials for them.



  • I write for the popular how-to publication PC Today. Recently, I had a cover story that was a basic guide to the sometimes arcane world of digital audio formats. If you want to learn how to master Windows Media Player 9, read on.








  • I write retail strategy articles for Dealerscope, a magazine that covers retail store operation best practices. If you complete a free, brief registration, you'll be able to read pieces such as my article about how retailers can overcome the extended warranty sales hurdle. This is an article on best practices for retailers to train their employees. Here's an overview of the latest inventory control software utilities available for retailers.



  • I am a contributing editor at Financial Engines, a leading-edge investment advisory Web site founded and chaired by Nobel Prize-winning economist William Sharpe. Check out my Personal Finance Frequently Asked Questions List, one of several I have written for this site. I have also written a Glossary with definitions of more than 750 personal finance and investment terms. If you are registered with Financial Engines, you can read the section I wrote on stock options. This content is in the Investor Education area, which will become available to you after you register. This is big-time stuff, and I am excited. I have also written a newsletter for a corporate user product that this widely praised service released some time ago.


  • I write for Broadcasting & Cable, the largest television industry trade publication. Read my new article on a key cable system executive in charge of his company's advanced networking and broadband Internet initiatives. I also have numerous columns of commentary on the intersection of television and the Internet. The column, which is the only one of its kind in the industry -- is free, but only available to registered users of the site. Many of my columns should be linked from this page. I performed a search for my Broadcasting & Cable articles on, which yielded these results. If you want to read even more of my weekly columns, here's a registration form.


  • I performed most of the research and wrote significant portions of "The Hundredth Window," a book about Internet privacy co-bylined by TrustE co-founder Charles Jennings and current TrustE chair Lori Fena. Through the magic of the Internet Archive Wayback machine, here are some Privacy Tips I wrote for the book, and which were excerpted on the book's now-deactivated site.


  • From time to time, I discover some of my older pieces in the digital archive sections of publications I've written for. I've just located an American Journalism Review feature I wrote about the obstacle course some news organizations have faced when they've tried to obtain public records under the Freedom of Information Act.



  • I'm writing cell phone use instructions for ego scout, a portal with clear, model-by-model explanations of how to use these sometimes confusing devices.


  • I write technology and marketing-driven white papers for several prominent corporate clients. One is Grass Valley, a major provider of digital technology solutions for television station and network news operations all over the world. Grass Valley is part of French-based video technology giant Thomson. To read my white paper, click here





  • Throughout most of the last two decades, my profiles of leading CEOs appeared in Delta Sky, the in-flight magazine of Delta Airlines. I've got two for you: a profile of Chick-Fil-A CEO Truett Cathy, and then-USAA CEO Robert Herres.


  • I am now writing regularly for iMedia Connection, a site full of strategic and technology advice and news for product marketers. Read my article on what you can do to avoid having your legitimate e-mail snagged by spam filters. Read why you should include rich media in your ad, as well as how rich media technology has developed over the years. Want to know about how Web sites and advertising agencies use online behavioral targeting? Read Part 1 of my new piece here and Part 2 here. Techies at Microsoft have long worked on products for consumers and businesses. Now, they are using blogs to communicate design and operability issues with each other before they ready those products and solutions for the rest of us. So many other corporations are using blogs as well- in some cases as client-communication replacements for email. Here's my overview of this trend. To read my article about the fast growing world of electronic greeting cards, click here. Ever wonder how affiliate marketing got its start? No, it wasn't Get the scoop here.


  • I've appeared in PR Week, the weekly bible of the public relations industry. One of my more recent pieces explored how companies should use the information gathered from customers via feedback forms on their Web sites. I have scanned in a faxed copy of the article, so the visual quality is not very good. If you want to try to read my article anyway, click here to read the first part of the piece. To read the remainder of the article, click here.



  • Maybe I am not the top-of-the-scale neat freak, but that doesn't prevent me from writing pieces for Workspace Magazine. To read my latest article, click here.



  • I cover the enterprise security space for the aptly named Enterprise Security Today. Read my article entitled about the perceived security (or lack thereof) in Microsoft's forthcoming Longhorn OS.



  • I was a contributing editor at This resource was a comprehensive Web site all about the technical, marketing and legal issues surrounding content-centric Web sites, and the writers and artists who provide content for them. Hereís the profile of me that ran on the site, as well as a list of my recent stories. Read my article on self-syndication. If you are thinking about writing or providing content for mobile devices such as Personal Digital Assistants or Web-enabled cell phones, click here first.




  • Contributing editorship at, a lodging industry news Web site from business-to-business "vertical portal" VerticalNet. Here's one of my columns. Click here to read about how hotels plan for natural and technical disasters. Now, you can take a visual tour of a hotel before you book it. Interested? Read on.


Hereís some other content I write on a regular basis:




  • GeoTrust is a company that supplies information, products, and services designed to improve the two-way communication of trust-related information between e-businesses and their various constituents and stakeholders. I have worked on several major projects for the company. For example, I wrote this FAQ about privacy in e-marketplaces. I also compiled a B2B e-commerce Privacy Glossary. And click the following link to read the Internet Archives cache of the security and privacy news roundup I compiled weekly for GeoTrust.



  • A good number of my personal finance advice pieces are posted on Women's Financial Net.Considering how much money I have spent on women, and how much I have wasted on same (including some in the very recent past who shall go unmentioned for fear of me being sued or getting a mean-spirited "what's your problem" phone call by the new guy they are "seeing") -- the fact that I write articles that tell women how to manage their money is both delicious irony and top-of-the-scale magnanimity.



  • Travel and the Web are two of my passions. That's why I was pleased as punch about my gig writing weekly reviews of travel and other multimedia Web sites for NOW (Network Of the World), a British-based streaming media and digital television content delivery service. Here's Google's cache of some of my pieces.



  • I wrote reviews of streaming media sites for the monthly free ChannelSeek Guide, which was a magazine published by the streaming audio and video directory site ChannelSeek. Here's one page of my reviews, and another.



  • I was a Contributing Editor at Global Telephony  magazine. The periodical ceased publication in 2002, but is still available online. To read one of my articles, click here.




And thereís more coming! 


My Photo Gallery- Although I work with words, and words usually work for me, I also love visual imagery. I live in the most picturesque part of the North American continent, ideal settings for photographs I take with my digital camera.  I'm building a photo gallery -- not necessarily of the best-known natural and human wonders, but a mix of the wondrous and mundane that I come across in my wanderings.  Click here to bookmark to reach and bookmark the section of my site where I've started to list, and then link to, individual photographs I've taken in my wanderings.  But first, please remember -- not all who wander are lost!


I've been quoted as an expert in, as well as recently in the Portland Tribune. It's good to be geek.


Sometimes I get really worked up. I am pissed off about actions taken by the greedy and powerful, such as outsourcing white-collar support jobs overseas. My letter to the editor is the fourth on this page. When I get worked up, I speak my mind. And if you think those two proclamations were something, check out what I think about people who don't vote. Read what I wrote in the Letters section of about rising health care prices, the overly clinical music of "jazz" trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, and, why so many "ordinary Americans" favor the abolition of the estate tax. ZDNet published my fears about how media giants will try to lock up access to digital music. When I travel, I like to go to drop in on current and prospective clients. On such road trips, I visit restaurants and post my take on the experience from a people-watching standpoint. And, if you go around saying "duh" a lot, you'll want to read The Mavens' Word of the Day site's answer to my query about how the term originated. As you can see, it's everywhere.


There are other people with my name. Iíve had correspondence with Russell Shaw, a Phoenix Realtor who owns The Russell Shaw Group. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. Not only that, but REALTOR magazine, the official magazine of the National Association of Realtors, rated him the Number 117 REALTOR in the nation in terms of 2001 sales. There are others with my name as well. I'm not him. Or him. This guy sounds cool, but I'm not him either. Nor am I any of these people, except, of course, for this one. But I certainly rooted for him!


How did I get here? Not that many years ago, I talked about my views of the writing life for an interview with me that was posted on the Studio B Literary Agency site. Read it here.


I also try my best to “have a life.” Sometimes, my schedule results in not enough free time to socialize, read, and engage in my main hobbies: astronomy, the outdoors, following politics, reading, photography, meteorology, primatology, multimedia content creation, and computers. But despite the tradeoffs and sacrifices Iíve made to get to and maintain where I am I feel blessed.


Check out some of my favorite sites here.

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